Monday, November 17, 2014


The Crownhate Ruin - You Will Wish Me Dead | Until the Eagle Grins [1996]
Colossamite - Pee Dio | Economy of Motion [1998]
Drive Like Jehu - Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity [1991]
Jawbox - Cornflake Girl | S/T [1996]
Jawbox - Sound On Sound | For Your Own Special Sweetheart [1994]
Dead and Gone - Leave the Dead to Bury the Dead | The Beautician [2002]

Pord - Staring Into Space - Wild [2014]
Karp - Get Your Hands Off My Cake | Rye Coalition/Karp Split Single [1997]
Soulside - Kill | Hot Bodi-Gram [1989]

sorry for the shortened set tonight, y'all. hopefully no sportball next week. I hope this joke isn't getting old.

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 11, 2014

Xerxes - Knife | Collision Blonde [2014]
Seaweed - Recall | Weak [1992]
The Evens - Cut From the Cloth | Get Evens [2006]
Low - Cut | I Could Live In Hope [1994]
Plunger - Second of June | S/T [1997]
Slint - Washer | Spiderland [1991]

Hands Up Who Wants To Die - False Dawn | Vega In The Lyre [2014]
The Heroine Sheiks - Wandering Mongrel | Rape On The Installment Plan [2001]
Deerhunter - N. Animals | Turn It Up Faggot [2005]
At The Drive-In - Sleepwalk Capsules | Relationship of Command [2000]
Bleed the Pigs - Endless Nameless | Flowers in D-Minor [2014]
U.S. Maple - Northward | Long Hair in Three Stages [1995]
Big'n - Final Song | Discipline Through Sound [1996]

Knapsack - Symmetry | Silver Sweepstakes [1995]
Lync - B | These Are Not Fall Colors [1994]
Karate - It's 98 Stop | In Place of Real Insight [1997]
Engine Kid - Jumper Cables | Angel Wings [1995]
The Life and Times - Day Nine | No One Loves You Like I Do [2012]
Chokebore - Line Crush | Clusterfuck '94
Four Hundred Years - Motion Sickness | Transmit Failure [1998]

Cherubs - Wornout Balls | Heroin Man [1994]
Bastro - Krakow, Illinois | Sing the Troubled Beast [1990]
Fight Amp - School | Manners and Praise [2009]
Cutthroats 9 - Saw It | Anger Management [2001]
Plows - Stalker Song | Split with Young Widows [2007]
Brain Banger - Shed | Yellow Belly [2008]
Crain - Ribcage | Speed [1992]
Unsane - This Town | Matador at 21: The Pre-Dawn 89-92

thanks lauryn for making the second hour!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 3, 2014

Host: Luke

Tweezer - Carolina | Tweezer / Spider Virus Split
Harvey Milk - Shame | The Pleaser 
Blame Game - Original Face | Single
Scout - Tomato (Asylum) | Single
Thorny Hold - Catalog | Fuel-Seven Bands From Athens, GA 
Fiddlehead - King Friday | Refuel = Eight More Bands From Athens 

86 - Minutes In A Day | Minutes In A Day
Slumberjack - One Kelvin | Refuel = Eight More Bands From Athens & Atlanta
Bliss - Acid Lake | Fuel-Seven Bands From Athens, GA
Car vs. Driver –Your Song | Out Of A Silent Sky
Gold Standard - Motor Skills Are Hard To Control | Gold Standard EP
Dasher – Teeth | Single

Jesus Lizard - Monkey Trick | Goat
Unsane – Exterminator | Unsane
Scratch Acid-Owner's lament | The Greatest Gift
Shipping News - Wax Museum | Three-Four
Melvins – Roadbull | Stoner Witch
Big Black - Pavement Saw | Songs About Fucking
Sun City Girls - Blue Mamba | Torch of The Mystics

Polvo – Kalgon/Bend or Break | Cro-crane Secrets
Fugazi - No Surprise | End Hits
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Hurricane | Admonishing The Bishops
Butthole Surfers - Whirling Hall Of Knives | Rembrandt Pussyhorse
Cows - Finished Again | Sorry in Pig Minor

Monday, October 27, 2014

sp00ky set!!1!!

unwound - "all souls day" (new plastic ideas, 1994)
thin privilege - "tapeworm womb" (s/t, 2014)
raspberry bulbs - "groping the angel's face" (deformed worship, 2013)
giraffes? giraffes! - "werewolf grandmas with knives [part 2: don't die]" (pink magick, 2011)
hella - "1-800-ghost-dance" (hold your horse is, 2002)
abilene - "october" (s/t, 2001)
shipping news - "(morays or) demon" (flies the fields, 2005)

bluetip - "spooky" (post-mortem anthem, 2001)
owls - "a drop of blood..." (two, 2014)
vaz - "headless statue" (dying to meet you, 2003)
vincas - "dead and alone" (blood bleeds, 2012)
the martians - "moon howls at midnight" and "I stole your soul" (demo tape, 1993)
bastro - "demons begone" (sing the troubled beast, 1990)
lake of dracula - "dracula killed frankenstein" (s/t, 1997)
give - "heaven is waiting" (singles going confetti, 2012)

manray - "skeleton canyon" (tournament, 2011)
jerkagram - "melt your bones" (tired old horseshit, 2014)
bitch magnet - "lookin' at the devil" (ben hur, 1989)
unwound - "demons sing love songs" (leaves turn inside you, 2001)

glazed baby - "that much closer to hell" (karmic debt, 1994)
chain gang grave - "autumn cannibalism" (when your friends become cops, 2014)
young widows - "lean on the ghost" (in and out of youth and lightness, 2011)
rodan - "the everyday world of bodies" (rusty, 1994)

Monday, October 20, 2014


refused: worms of the senses/faculties of the skull: the shape of punk to come
obnox: sit yo ass down: the juke that sat by the door
wymyns prysyn: head in a vise: head in a vise
cottaging: mise en abyme: mise en abyme
melvins: sesame street meat: hold it in
dazzling killmen: agitator: face of collapse

fiddlehead: lock end: discography
minutemen: the glory of man: double nickels on the dime
freemasonry: acacia: split w/ scout
lightning bolt: captain caveman: hypermagic mountain
kerosene 454: closing in: came by to kill me
deerhoof: trickybird: halfbird
sweep the leg johnny: the blizzard of 1999: sto cazzo!

american football: never meant: s/t
animal faces: losing speed: half asleep
nomeansno: this wound will never heal: mr. right and mr. wrong
greys: adderall: if anything
iceage: glassy eyed, dormant, and veiled: plowing into the field of love
the van pelt: nanzen kills a cat: sultans of sentiment

hands up who wants to die: sailor: buffalo 5x
hands up who wants to die: moke: buffalo 5x
anwar sadat: obedience: obedience
endand: i don't party: fun times with shitty people
fuck, wolves!: helix und seine brĂ¼der ab 12: Jetzt ist nicht jetzt, jetzt ist immer
lowercase: neurasthenia: kill the lights
unwound: everything is weird: new energy

Cottaging are playing at the 529 tomorrow with Wymyns Prysyn and GHB (their record release show). they are coming all the way from providence.

Monday, October 13, 2014


broughton's rules: umbra: anechoic horizon
don cab: schuman center '91: five pairs of crazy pants
don cab: waltor: five pairs of crazy pants
tera melos: slimed: x'ed out
pop. 1280: beg like a human: the horror

big black: jordan, minnesota: atomizer
tar: satritis: toast
survival knife: tropic of chaos: survivalized
the world is: getting sodas: whenever, if ever
faraquet: conceptual separation of self: the view from this tower

narrows: absolute betrayer: painted
pg. 99: in love with an apparition: document #8
gospel: what means of witchery: the moon is a dead world
rodan: before the train: fifteen quiet years

bastro and codeine: produkt: a l'ombre de nous b/w produkt
quicksand: unfulfilled: slip
modest mouse: heart cooks brain: the lonesome crowded west
off minor: practice absence: some blood
creative adult: flash: psychic message
lungfish: fearfully and wonderfully: love is love
at the drive-in: napoleon solo: in/casino/out

whores/bodyfather/motherfucker/rapturous grief @ The Earl this saturday, see you there

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

october 7 '14

Chris 10-11

Ben 11-12

pig eyes: dirge: s/t
prong: rude awakening: rude awakening
brainbombs: picking flowers: disposal of a dead body
saccharine trust: effort to waste: paganicons
big ups: body parts: eighteen hours of static
single mothers: christian girls: s/t
bone: bucket: for want of feeling

helmet: driving nowhere: aftertaste
motherfucker: tae kwan do: tae kwan do
loomis slovak: silver box: v/a heartattack #10
the for carnation: i wear the gold: marshmallows
hoover: cuts like drugs: s/t

bump music was "lullaby" from the scott walker and sunn o))) collab