Monday, October 13, 2014


broughton's rules: umbra: anechoic horizon
don cab: schuman center '91: five pairs of crazy pants
don cab: waltor: five pairs of crazy pants
tera melos: slimed: x'ed out
pop. 1280: beg like a human: the horror

big black: jordan, minnesota: atomizer
tar: satritis: toast
survival knife: tropic of chaos: survivalized
the world is: getting sodas: whenever, if ever
faraquet: conceptual separation of self: the view from this tower

narrows: absolute betrayer: painted
pg. 99: in love with an apparition: document #8
gospel: what means of witchery: the moon is a dead world
rodan: before the train: fifteen quiet years

bastro and codeine: produkt: a l'ombre de nous b/w produkt
quicksand: unfulfilled: slip
modest mouse: heart cooks brain: the lonesome crowded west
off minor: practice absence: some blood
creative adult: flash: psychic message
lungfish: fearfully and wonderfully: love is love
at the drive-in: napoleon solo: in/casino/out

whores/bodyfather/motherfucker/rapturous grief @ The Earl this saturday, see you there

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

october 7 '14

Chris 10-11

Ben 11-12

pig eyes: dirge: s/t
prong: rude awakening: rude awakening
brainbombs: picking flowers: disposal of a dead body
saccharine trust: effort to waste: paganicons
big ups: body parts: eighteen hours of static
single mothers: christian girls: s/t
bone: bucket: for want of feeling

helmet: driving nowhere: aftertaste
motherfucker: tae kwan do: tae kwan do
loomis slovak: silver box: v/a heartattack #10
the for carnation: i wear the gold: marshmallows
hoover: cuts like drugs: s/t

bump music was "lullaby" from the scott walker and sunn o))) collab

Monday, September 29, 2014


Taras Bul'ba - Crainoterapia // Secrets Chimiques
Six Finger Satellite - Deadpan // The Pigeon Is The Most Popular Bird
Turing Machine - On Form and Growth // A New Machine for Living
Ostinato - Track 1 // Post-Now
Technician - Galileo // Opposition

Nai Harvest - Rush // Hold Open My Head
Bitch Magnet - Dragoon // Ben Hur
Distorted Pony - Death in the Turnstile // Punishment Room
Converge - Heartless // You Fail Me
Ritual Mess - The Last Shout // Vile Art
The Life Of Our Arrangement - Nothing's Sacred // The Lost + Everything They Bring

Grass Is Green - Scattering Ram // Vaction Vinny
Uzeda - Higher Than Me // Peel Sessions
bygones - When a Vegan Eats a Vegan // Spiritual Bankruptcy
Unwound - Valentine Card/Katrina/Were, Are, and Was Or Is // Fake Train

Metz - Wasted // S/T
Penthouse - Baby Peeler // Recks
Guzzard - That One // Quick, Fast, and In a Hurry
X25X - No Brain & Blow My Room // Distortion of Life
Punching Swans - Mollusc // Mollusc
Theory of Ruin - Outfit // S/T 7''
June of 44 - Of Information & Belief // Four Great Points

hella - biblical violence

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22 '14

Godflesh "Like Rats" from Streetcleaner
Steel Pole Bath Tub "Arizona Garbage Truck" from Voodoo Chile 7''
Botch "Framce" from An Anthology of Dead Ends EP
Godheadsilo "Elephantitus of the Night" from Elephantitus of the Night
DAVIDIANS "Bauhaus Beach House"
The Ukiah Drag "Final Prayer" from In the Reaper's Quarters

31Knots "Man Become Me" from The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere
Barkmarket "I Drown" from Lardroom EP
Bluetip "Castanet" from Join Us
Chokebore "Weightless" from Anything Near Water
Whores "Jumping Someone Else's Train" from Split w/ Rabbits

The Jesus Lizard "Mouth Breather" from Goat
Jawbox "Savory" from For Your Own Special Sweetheart
Shellac "Compliant" from Dude, Incredible
These Arms Are Snakes "Lucifer" from Tail Swallower & Dove
Todd "Sedan" from Purity Pledge
Shipping News "At a Venture" from Save Everything
Far "Job's Eyes" from Tin Cans with Strings to You

Shellac "Mayor/Surveyor" from Dude, Incredible
Frodus "Killing An Arab" from Give Me The Cure
Shellac "Surveyor" from Dude, Incredible
Sex Church "Beneath the Bottom" from Growing Over
Polvo "Gemini Cusp" from Today's Active Lifestyles
Pain Teens "Prowling" from Destroy Me, Lover

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sept 15

Thanks to Ross for covering and making his own set! Hope y'all enjoyed.

Capn Jazz- We Are Scientists- Analphabetapolotology
Capn Jazz- Bluegrass- Analphabetapolotology
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead- How Near, How Far- Source Tags And Codes
Foals- Mathletics- Antidotes
Sunny Day Real Estate- In Circles- Diary
Archers Of Loaf- Wrong- Icky Mettle
Cursive- The Martyr- Domestica

The Mars Volta- Intertiatic ESP- De-Loused in The Commatorioum 
Cloud Nothings- Our Plans- Attack On Memory
Brand New- Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades- Deja Entendu
Les Savy Fav- The Sweat Descends- Inches
Cursive- The Casualty- Domestica
Jets To Brazil- Chinatown

Fugazi- Exit Only
Death from Above 1979- Blood On Our Hands
Mission Of Burma- Outlaw- Signals, Calls, and Marches
Archers Of Loaf- Web In Front- Icky Mettle
Mclusky- To Hell With Good Intentions- mclusky do dallas
Tera Melos- Until Lufthansa- X'ed Out
Superchunk- Like A Fool- Foolish

Cap'n Jazz- Que Suerte- Analphabetapolotology
Foals- Cassius- Antidotes
Deerhunter- Oh, Its Such A Shame (jay reatard cover)- Jay Reatard/Deerhunter Split
Japandroids- Young Hearts Spark Fire- Post Nothing
Les Savy Fav- No Sleeves- Inches
Comets On Fire- The Antlers Of The Midnight Sun

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 8

Many thanks to Sean (from Houseworks) for covering.

Yaphet Kotto - Are You Still Working At That Cafe? - The Killer was in the Government Blankets
Embrace - Dance of Days - Embrace
Medications - Surprise! - Your Favorite People All in One Place
Failure - Sergeant Politeness - Fantastic Planet
Shiner - The Truth About Cows - The Egg
Duster - Get the Dutch - Contemporary Movement

Unsane - Burn - Scumbait vol 1 (V/A comp)
Kittens - Pinocchio - Tiger Comet
The Men - Bataille - Leave Home
Thin Privilege - ...With Apologies to Thin Privilege - Thin Privilege
Craw - Treading Out the Winepress - Map, Monitor, Surge

Cop Shoot Cop - Last Legs - Release
Cherubs - Pink Party Dessert - Icing
Engine Down - Nearsighted - Under the Pretense of Present Sense
Swans - Stay Here - Filth
This Heat - Rimp Ramp Romp - Peel Sessions
Table - Dead Bird - Table

Harriet the Spy - Retarding Dimentionally - Anthology of Selected Recordings
The Monorchid - Chompers - Let Them Eat...
US Maple - Open a Rose - Acre Thrills
Heroin - Indecision - Heroin
Moss Icon - Guatemala - Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly
Damezumari - Coffee Spoons and Knives - No Hugging = No Learning

Monday, September 1, 2014

sci-fi fantasy nerds math local musics yeah

10-11 with Chris's fantasty nerdy set titled "...And the Bag's in the River"

Renaissance Sound "Don't Eat My Dwarves" from S/T
Father Figure "Ocarina of Time" from the "MALINGERER" single
This Town Needs Guns "+3 Awesomeness Repels Water" from
Weye "Lord of the 7/4 Kingdoms" from CasterlyROCK!
The Physics House Band "Titan" from Horizons/Rapture

65daysofstatic "Retreat! Retreat!" from The Fall of Math
Three Trapped Tigers "1" from the self-titled EP
Lost in the Riots "I Find Your Lack of Face Disturbing" from Sinking Ships EP
Father Figure "Arithmetickle" from Congratulations On Your Loss
BATS "Higgs Boson Particle" & "Gamma Ray Burst: Second Date" from Red in Tooth and Claw

Bump music: "Biblical Violence" by Hella

11-12 with Ben

Total Control "Black Spring" from Typical System
Shallow, North Dakota "Backbone" and "Greenhorn" from This Apparatus Must Be Earthed
Manrae "Collusion" from Untitled (Unreleased Tracks)
Scout "Tusk" from Discography
Codeine "Cigarette Machine" from Frigid Stars
Pinecones "Tears From Your Skin" from 'Plays Cosmic Hits' Live On Radio

The Wytches "Burn Out the Bruise" from Annabel Dream Reader
Bodyfather "Gonner" from Bodyfather/MTN ISL Split
MTN ISL "Skin Thin" from Bodyfather/MTN ISL Split
Nakusa "Swingset" from Nakusa/Chinesedream Split
The Hal Al Shedad "The Art of Map Making" from S/T
Waitress "Hogwash" from Peaked in High School